Livigno Day 7-8 La Grande Finale #blogg100

Due to technical issues and transfer, this has taken some time to hit the air.

Time to wrap up the week in Livigno, and when you read this, I’m just thru the door.

The final day’s in Livigno continued in the same sunny and great way like the rest. Great skiing and fun shopping in this Tax Free Paradise. Due to its history of being isolated bigger parts of the year, before a tunnel to Switzerland was built, the town flourish due to tax free shopping.

This time I of course need to add a picture of myself as well. 🙂

As most dad’s probably can recognize, the number of pictures of the photographer are scarce.


The morning on Friday started with a great view..from my bedroom window.


On the way to the slope the sun was up and today was the day when our little one, had her day of truth after a week in the Ski school.


We did some test runs and after that, dropped her of. Well after the day, it turned out that she finished as number one in her group. PROUD PARENTS! 🙂




So with that, we went to Hotel Bivio for a celebration dinner and as always the food was great.

Saturday was spent finishing of the shopping, getting some Italian food, including of course Parma Ham, Parmesan, Balsamico, Olive Oil, Grappa, Spumante and some Wine.

After a 13 hour straight driving, the 1350 km, from Livigno to Sweden, via Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Denmark we are back.

So folks Today, we re-start the green section again!

Take care


Livigno day6 #blogg100

Today was a day with mixed influences. Some snow but mainly sunny. The lttle one went pn strike and did ABSOLUTELY NOT agree pn taking her ski school class. But the skiing today was great and we spent a lot of time up on Carosello 3000.





As seen by the picture of one of my sons, waiting for lunch while enjoying a Cold beer is OK
Tomorrow is the last day of skiing and shopping, before leaving on Saturday.

Livigno day 5 #blogg100

Snow snow and snow. That’s what the weather reports has said. Still it turns out sunny!
Don’t rake me wrong, I’m not complaining 🙂
A great lunch at the Berghutte in the slope was great and some white wine and Weisbier.

Going back from the slopes I was amazed to see how effective they are at removing snow
4 major caterpillars in full speed
Wish that we had that back home
Well done Livigno

After ski today was swiming with my youngest
A very happy girl

Dinner at hotel Bivio good as always.

Livigno day 1 #blogg100

Finally arrived
After a 15 h non stop drive we arrived in Livigno 830 am this morning. After passing Denmark, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein and switzerland and driven 1300 km it’s great to be here.
Started with a great breakfast at hotel Bivio we have now done all the booking and renting.
After a couple of hours of sleep we went to a water hole where the pizzas are extremely popular and the que always 10 m long
Had a great dinner and some good wine.
Now it’s time for bed
Tomorrow will be a great day!