First Breath of Spring #blogg100

With temperature up around 10 plus, Celsius, this has been a good week.

Last Sunday it started to move in the garden.



First Flower show/Fair

Last Saturday , we went to get some isnpiration and to feel the Spirng closing in

All the national garden guru’s where there and doing their pitch for a better garden life.


Maybe not on the list, but at least my daughter could familiarize her self with living in a tree. Need to get more in to the Tarzan character (which she has no clue about who that is)


The Mediterranean life style closes in. When temperatures goes up in the south of Sweden, due to the global warming, Peach, Lemons and other tree’s get in to the gardens.


But still we need the green houses for the cold part of the year 🙂


The link to good food is there and fresh locally grown is high on the agenda.


Well back home, the Geraniums needed attention. Time to cut down and refresh.


Some new ones also came with is home from the fair


Together with green tomatoes and some other strange variaties.

Cold again

But now we get disappointed, and the weather has turned and now we have cold weather again.

So tonight it’s back to red wine and a steak, almost Autumn like.

Have a great Saturday


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