Spring time, or? #blogg100

FRIDAY, and sitting by the PC sipping some red wine..

This week has been a hard one, trying to catch up with the &€%&%%€-load of e-mails that came in during my vacation. I have also suffered from vacation fatigue.. making me extremely sleepy early in the evening. I’m normally up as long as possible during the evenings, since I’m more productive then. But this week has been a long row of crashes on the couch in fron of the TV. Terrible!

BUT, this week has aslo brought 5-7 degrees PLUS, which might also be the root cause. It’s close to spring, and you can even feel it in the air!

AND, of course, this has awaken the “green stuff”

ImageSo tomorrow will be the first official garden day!

Primarily it will be spent going to a big regional fair/exhibition, where it will be a massive focus on seeds, plants, green houses and all other things that comes along with garden and gardening.


picture cred: Apotekarnas

So tomorrow I will hopefully be able to upload a massive amount of inspirational pictures, when reporting from the event. 

Until then, have a fantastic Friday




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