Sunday Snow #018 #blogg100

Slow start on a Sunday morning is needed. Even if I get a really bad conscious when not going at all the things needed to be attended to, I still enjoy slow starts.

The morning greeted with snow and actually the sun came out for a while,, just to remind us of how it really looks. 🙂

Went out on the balcony to get some fresh air, and felt sorry for some plants and items standing out in the snow,


Some lavender that could have met a better end..


Even if the snow tends to make you forget, spring WILL come, and just the fact that the sun (sorry, light) is up more now, has awaken some plants. Found my passion fruit ready to get going this afternoon.


I also love the small plants that are coming up now, and their STRIVE for some light. Even if they are so tiny, they have a “body language” that tells it all..



So thanks for a great Sunday and stay tuned in..


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