Big F!! #016 #blogg100

Ohlala, it’s sooo nice. Finally Friday, and having come down with a minor cold, it’s great to relax, have a glass of red wine and enjoy nothingness. At least for a few minutes. 🙂

The weekend is coming fast and with that, time for seeding again. Also final preparations for next Fridays exit to Italy and Livigno. Need to do some serious inventory and pre-pack, so I don’t stand here Thursday evening without long-stockings and gloves. At the moment, there is 2 meters of snow and it’s going to snow most of the week. PROMISING!

Now my worries are more, who is going to water my plants when I’m away???

So you see serious worldly problems are upon me. 🙂

SO, time for some inspirational pictures:



This fantastic Iris (above ) is just fantastic. I need to secure those this year. Alos, I need to find some new Agaphantus(below)




I just love WHITE and BLUE flowers.

Well todays colour is red, so cheers to all and Happy Friday


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