Monday Blues, Green Grass..#012, #blogg100

Well Mondays are what they are, and today that brought with it a crashed mail server at work, and by that I could spend my time in meetings instead. The punishment comes later, when you need to catch up on all those mails..

Well back home, my mood turned more greenish 🙂

Looked at some of the seeds we planted last week, and YES, here we go!

The first one to crash thru the surface was a newcomer, a Pelargonium

In this case called”Maverick Quicksilver F1″, which will give lavender pink flowers.

A bit confused, it only said 6 seeds on the pack ..??



Next in line, the Sweet Peas dashed up and in this case 6 different ones, “Bijou Mixed, Old Spice Mixed, Blue Velvet, Spencer Mixed, Cupani and Swan Lake”

DSC_0083This is how they look;

IMG_0861Can’t wait to have all these flooding the balcony 🙂

Well, time to work my way thru the mails and the Tweets

take care




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