Friday Festival..#009 #blogg100


So it’s getting close to Friday and all that comes with it.

I’m struggling with and the work to find good content providers, but it seems as if a lot of the sites are low in activity. Maybe not that strange due to the fact that peoples mindsets might be like this flower..

Image’s VERY irritating 🙂

This should actually be the time of the year when you should really focus, getting ready for new business opportunities and getting clients and customers thinking about what to do and what to grow. Who has time to be checking this when the sun finally shows itself and the nature explodes..

Friday also means FOOD. Time to plan the evenings dinner and today, the house will be swarming with teenagers, hungry as H..L and wanting instant service. This to be combined with my wish to do SLOW cooking.

Will be interesting as always, but I can feel some fillet of lambs moving closer to the grill.


Enjoy the beginning of he weekend, when that comes and get back soon



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