First shipment..#005 #blogg100


60 days to Spring BUT when the first shipment of seeds arrive, it brings a certain feeling.



When I was a kid, around October/November time, young boys started to frequent our house. Not for the reason you might thing..

That was the time when the catalogues with christmas books and journals came. You could order all you wanted, and the in good time before Christmas, you would get a nice shipment of TinTin, Lucky Luke or other cartoons of your liking.  That was a nice moment, and of course some extra cash for the young boys.

This is a bit the same thing. 

You sit there and order seeds on the web, and tend to “forget” that you did. Then some time later you get this first shipment. As you know, I have already prepared for the seeding so NOW I really do not have any excuse. I can’t blame old seeds, no soil, no sun, wrong time or anything. MUST get going. So tomorrow, it will happen.


From a #blogg100 perspective, I might be counted out now, since this was posted to late. I did a classic tonight. In a desperate attempt to get my 5 year in bed AND to sleep, I lay down beside her. BIG MISTAKE! I of course crashed myself, and I wonder if I fell asleep before her 😀

But anyhow, this is not ONLY for #blogg100, it’s for me and maybe for you, and I still get triggered by the movement.

Now it’s time to crash again. See you later today, when it’s seeding time. Maybe I should try to do a bambuser…

Well, will see



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