First evening session..#006 #blogg100

So everyone, the time had to come. With the first shipment of seeds arriving yesterday, we just HAD to start today. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get all kids convinced of the concept of “child labour” 🙂

Filippa, my 5 year old, at least dressed for the challenge, and actually changed clothes 4 times during the event. 


So today we seeded, Chili, Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, Coriander, Red Basil, Pelargonium, Delphinium, Lavender, Thyme, Broccoli and 6 different Sweet peas. To be categorized as a good start. All with compliments of Mr. Fothergill’s



The seeds visible are Sweet pea seeds. I love when they are in a size a little more tangible 😀

The weather has now turned, the sun…sorry.. the light is now around a bit more during day time so it actually starts to get your hopes up. BUT they have promised cold weather soon again.

Well, if not anything else, it gives you the opportunity to ski a bit.

Still space on the shelves so it might soil on the kitchen floor tomorrow again. Until then, have a fantastic evening OR morning depending where you are.



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