The thing called soil..#004 #blogg100

The basis for everything, and the basis for growing.

I came to think about the fact that we take for granted that things just grow, and to be honest sometimes things grow to well. How much I try, I still spend most of the warm half of the year digging up weed. 

Last time I was in Spain, I visited some friends and walking around in their garden, I reflected on the fact that they actually were growing things in sand and stones. the Olive trees fought for their existence, stretching their roots towards water in the ground. It should be a fantastic business idea to export good soil to the countries in the south. They actually told me at they, on rare occasions bought some bags, but it was quite pricy. And here we complain when we pay 10 Euros for 5 bags of 50 liters of soil.  Need to do something with that..



Sunday has passed and another day of #blogg100. A good page to view it all is this For non Swedish speaking readers, this might be a challenge. 

It’s not only Swedish bloggers that has joined, but the major part is.

You also find a collection here

The stats around the close to 500 bloggers are here:

Time to post before time runs out. 

Keep blogging



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