Friday, Preparations #002 #blogg100

I suppose it’s going to be easier and easier, and hopefully, I will not end up doing my blog at the the end of the day..At least not every day 🙂

So it’s finally Friday, and I hope everyone is ready for weekend.

This week end will be focusing on flower. In the SNOW?

Well yes, kind of. The first part will be to start getting some seeds in the dirt. Have put together some shelves tonight, bought some planting potts and found last years seeds. Still waiting for the ones I have ordered for this year:

ImageReally looking forward to get started in the morning 😀

Sunday will be spent with my other flower, my little girl. Time to go skiing again. After three good days, she is now well on her way and will be ready in a couple of weeks for first trip to the Italian Alps, and Livigno. Heading for Hotel Bivio and a week of fantastic manchester slopes.

So now to the flower.. here she is

IMG_0829So extremely happy to go for the first ski school class.

Well time to relax

See ya


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