Time to move again #blogg100

I evidently needed something to get me going. Since this blog primarily circles around gardening, snow is NOT a catalyst 😦

In Sweden we now kick start a project called #blogg100, meaning that you ( Me,ME,ME.. need to remember that) have to write at least 1 blog a day. SO.. hit it!

Is Spring coming?

Well the sun is up and actually also visualizing itself. Normally in Sweden, this time a year, it is mainly 50 shades of grey. But today the birds are testing the tunes and even if snow is all around, it certainly brings you in the mood for what’s to come.Image

I also need to comment on the social media hell/heaven Twitter.com

This fantastic forum/media gets you both to smile and to cry. You read all these fantastic tweets about people who are out planting, sowing, harvesting and enjoying the out doors. Well with all the snow here, it does make you feel a bit blue.. 😦


Well I guess I just need to focus on blogging, lighting the flower lamps and start sowing indoors. Will post some pictures soon

Enjoy your day and catch you tomorrow.. and the other coming 98 days 🙂


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